How much does it cost?

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Pricing is tricky business. Each book is so different.

After a free 45 minute consultation, we decide the scope of your project.

Basic packages start at $1200 to include book design if text is provided in a digital format, and a very simple cover. Photos are $20 apiece which includes scanning and minor photo adjustment. This basic price includes one proof in a soft cover book form and one set of revisions. Printing books is an additional price.

Complex cover design is $1000 for a front, back and spine. I provide royalty free stock photos if needed and help with the back blurb. eBook covers are $700 (front only).

ISBN numbers can accompany my imprint for an additional $50 with a barcode.

Print quotes are finalized when a page count is determined. Hardback books cost around $20 per book. Softcover books are in the $10 range under 125 pages. Longer books are not significantly more.

I provide book design for upload on  This on-line source is inferior to my own printing sources, but does the job if print quality is secondary to your publishing purpose. I design the book, give you a pdf saved to press settings and instructions on how to partner with Amazon to become one of their published authors.

If you want to publish your own book, I sell my expertise on self-publishing for an hourly rate. This consultation is invaluable if you want to side-step the learning curve. It covers a myriad of details before you even ask the questions, walking you through what is needed to establish your book in the marketplace.

If you’ve got your book, got your design, but need the best price of printing, I can broker your job. My sources (some world-wide for color books) are tried and true. My printers only produce books. Matching your project for the best fit of a press means better prices and a product that is delivered right to your door. My only requirement is that quantities ordered make the effort worthwhile. For $300 I will get you a quote for books in the hundreds or thousands. You can compare prices and quantities.

No matter how big or small, every project is treated like it is special. Every project gets Life Stories’ best effort. Remember, your free 45 minute consultation. We talk, I quote, you decide.