About Me

Book design has my been my driving force. My earliest memory is drawing stick figures to tell my story, and stapling paper to make a book…

How did I prepare for book design?
A publishing career required an exceptional liberal arts degree. I left my home in Alabama for UNC, Chapel Hill, sight unseen, for its reputation. The best work experience (I could handle) was Boston publishers. Pasting up waxed pages on templates for books was my first job. Now I do the same things on a computer using design software.

Then what happened?
Cold New England winters made me homesick. I’m southern soft, and used to southern ways (fry my food please). I missed the warm and easy friendliness of southern people.

Asheville, North Carolina is my home now. To stay close to print and paper, I worked Pre-press (design) in a commercial printer, with a learning curve measured in years. My grasping its minutia coincided with the arrival of a new method of printing, a press that would print just one piece of paper if needed. One cover and one set of pages before being cut and bound. I was back in books again!

A passion for creating books.
Leaving my job to start Life Stories, Inc. took courage. Six years and dozens of books later, each book is a minor miracle. Each involves inspiration, collaboration and hard work – the greatest of care is taken along the way.

Tell me a story, please?
I’ve been told I could pull a story out of a rock, and I live to do it.

I am more than a book designer, writer, editor and publisher,
I am Jerri Strozier, and I am Life Stories, Inc.