Have you had an AHA! moment?

I love to see the AHA! moment on people’s faces. Here are some epiphanies that proceeded projects.



Dementia or Alzheimers can alter but not destroy a person’s core essence. For a book that strokes the grain of people with fraying memories, ask me to speak on the topic, “My Favorite Things.” A lifetime of passions can be held in a few pages inside a three ring binder to create a bridge into the world of someone suffering memory loss. It forges connections in a most satisfying way. The big AHA! is the discovery that the essence still remains.  Read More

The Hard-To-Write Life Story. When the past is too hard to bear, then it is better to focus on the present. What if the present is hard too? I led a journaling group to women in a shelter, and we started by journaling their “Favorite Things” to get to the core of who they were. This positive approach worked. Their AHA! moment came when they realized that what gave them joy was their strength. They began to trust the future when they realized that they could trust themselves. Read More

Flipping the Equation Using Life Stories. The world isn’t fair, so why do some people have more wisdom? No trick, they earned it. Often they are the disadvantaged (AHA!). People who encounter limitations develop a bank of wealth hard to replicate, learning to navigate hardship, live well, and love better. We can learn much from these sages. Using the “Recipe for Life” model, I have developed a marketing and more campaign which is intended to inspire equity in society by flipping power on its head. The concept is complete and looking for a non-profit home where it can get to work. Contact me for more information.

You are an Author. Everyone has at least one book in them. Most people secretly know what they would write. Books, after all, are just a means to an end, a vehicle to hold an idea. With presses available to print a handful, anyone can go online and create a book. I suggest it, in fact. If, however, you want support and encouragement, beautiful design and an experienced hand to guide your book, if you want a professional looking cover, and print that stands head and shoulders above the generic on-line book, contact Life Stories. Your AHA! moment is realized when you discover how very doable the project is when you aren’t alone in the process. A Life Stories book is like singing in the shower. We help you sound your best.


Throughout my writing I reference these terms:

Recipes for Life – little bits and snippets of how you do what you do well, what makes you love something, or what you know to be true. These reach far beyond the kitchen and into the soul of living.

My Favorite Things – Just like the words say, they are a compiled list of your favorite things. They may have little to do with your story and everything to do with what “winds your clock.”