Fiction is a hard sell.

Referrals sell it best. Branding sells it (a series that has gotten popular). A genre or niche sells it. A strong cover with a compelling back blurb can make a sale. But the bottom line is that it must hold something the reader wants, and the hard task is to find and connect that reader with the book you’ve written.

I encourage writers to consider a Print on Demand solution if they publish fiction. One book at a time. No stockpiling books.

This little book of almost fiction (loosely based on memoir) crossed my desk and held such charm I couldn’t resist putting my ISBN number on it. Who would be its reader? Anyone of any age who was ever curious about our mountain culture. The cover and back blurb pitch an answer to anyone who has seen an old cabin in the woods and wondered “what was life like then?” What a pleasure to work with sincere and exceptional story-telling.