Non-fiction books are the most effective way to convey ideas and knowledge in a stable format. You can write in the margins, underline text, make notes. Non-fiction is useful to the reader.

Bill Long writes non-fiction books that sell. He loves words and writes well on a variety of subjects. He published many books the traditional way and publishers cramped his style. He came to me wanting more control. My first concern was distribution. How would he tell the world that he had books for sale? It is the rare author who enjoys marketing their work. He reassured me that he had a million followers on a website His readers love him. They order online. Amazon ships. Easy.

The Role Life Stories Plays

Bill’s books needed to look sharper than ever to show he is a credible writer. He writes on a variety of topics, and all should be recognizably his. My design included giving Bill

• A unified look

• Attractive, contemporary covers

• A logo (the quill behind his name representing his craft)

• Consistent text style and fonts for complex formatting

• Marketing material to drive people to website orders

• A plan for ordering, printing and shipping books

This plan was not difficult using Amazon. When he speaks to an audience, Bill orders books printed at cost which are shipped to his engagement.  Royalties from sales online go right into his bank account- more than the 10% publishers gave him. He is responsible for marketing. But it is working for Bill.

We live on separate coasts from one another. How do we work together? Bill emails me Word documents of his manuscript. I send him back a pdf of his designed book. Then he does a meticulous job of proofing. But that is his strength. Bill has been runner up in the Sr. National Spelling Bee for years. A funny video from CBS evening news about Bill “eating his words” can be found on his website .