Exceptional books delivered

What makes a book exceptional?

Life Stories uses the same printers as trade publishers. What sets them apart from online sources?

Paper. Good paper is important. Cheap paper buckles in humidity making text bounce when it is printed. A book on cheap paper has more waves than a ruffled potato chip. Paper counts.

Laminates. The cover is protected by a breathable nylon film with intersecting fibers to provide stability and durability to the outside sheet that meets the world as well as the oils of your hand. Gloss or matte, a laminate’s job is to protect your book’s cover and provide stability in humidity.

Glue. A great bond adheres paper to spine and should never show. 

Color. Color should be rich and vibrant on the cover. It invites the reader to open your book. Your cover should not suffer from calibration errors because a press is having a bad day. Color is proofed and approved before printing. For affordable color throughout books, ask about our overseas sources. They require ordering a large quantity, but offer outstanding value.

Binding. How does the cover attach to your book’s pages? There are so many ways. Specialty machines do this job well. My sources do a fabulous job of binding the books they print.

So what makes a book exceptional? When a Life Stories book goes to press, my connection with real people operating high-end equipment whose only business is books insures exceptional results. I have searched high and low to find these printers. You can see, feel and hold the difference.