Life Stories is the designer

Book Design

Not every designer is a book designer. Deep knowledge of the impact of one design element on another is essential. Awareness of what makes a book easier to read is essential. For example, making type larger can be a mistake, while adjusting free space on a page (margins) and the space between lines (leading) make copy more legible. Some fonts look nice for a minute and tire eyes after a few pages. Other fonts are just right.

Books are not page-turners when design fights content.

Life Stories designs books that beg to be read. They take the burden off the reader in every way possible, providing clarity and a subtle style that makes the most of the words you wrote.


Services offered
• Cover design
• Writing or help writing the introduction and back blurb
• Interior text design
• Photo scanning
• Photography
• Photo retouching
• All copyright information formatted to protect you

P.S. I spent over seven years in the design department of a commercial printer. That’s experience not every designer can boast of. Nothing glamorous, yet it means the world of difference when your book is in my hands. The printers who receive my files are grateful.